Open Educational Robotics

Embedded System Workshop using Arduino

Eligibilty :
Basic knowledge of Electronics is expected for the session.

Topics Covered :
The session will consist of experiments that will give hands-on training of the following:
1. Electronics Prototyping Basics (Breadboarding).
2. Programming an Arduino Microcontroller board.
3. Digital Input/Output.
4. Analog Input/Output.
5. Serial Communication between Microcontroller and Computer.
6. Using LEDs, Speaker, Sensor.
7. Using LCD Display 

Kit Details :
We will be providing our Ardubotics Arduino Starter kit in groups.
Each kit contains the following components:
Freeduino Development Board with USB Cable
Multimeter and Breadboard
Jumper Wires, Hookup Wire Roll and Wire Stripper
Light Sensor, Buzzer and LEDs
Push Buttons, Potentiometer and Resistors
Battery and Battery Snap
LCD Display

Duration :
The workshop will be of 2 days, a total of around 14 hours.