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Summer School on Robotics at BIT Mesra

Posted by on Jun 15, 2012

 ClassBots in association with The Institution of Engineers (India), ET Division, BIT Mesra organized a 5 day Summer School on Robotics in BIT Mesra, from 10 to 14th June. School and College students attended the Summer School and made  robots. This workshop was beneficial to students as it gave them exposure to the latest in Technology. The students learnt the basics of electronics and programming and how to implement this knowledge to make smart systems that can interact with the environment.

Begining with programing Arduino boards , blinking LED lights, controlling the speed and direction of motors, the participants made their own wireless robots, automatic home lighting (controlling lights with remotes), worked with LCD displays, controled their robots with keyboard, sent signals to the robot/home switches using mobile phones and a lot more.

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