Open Educational Robotics

Project List for Students

This is an indicative list of projects that engineering students can make for their final year projects. We conduct courses that help students get started with these projects. The projects are arranged below based on the technology they use :-


Light Sensor : Automatic Car Headlight Dim Dip Controller; Laser Based Bank Security System; Robust railway crack detection scheme (RRCDS) using LED‐LDR assembly.

Proximity Sensors : Autonomous Vehicle with Obstacle Detection; Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System; Ultrasonic spectacles and waist‐belt for visually impaired and blind person; Development of indoor positioning system with ultrasonic and infrared signals; Design and Implementation of an Assisted Body Movement System for Visually Impaired Children; Building an electric model vehicle with obstacle avoidance system.

Motion Sensors : PIR sensor triggered motion detection and video surveillance system for security applications; PIR grid based automatic video surveillance robot with pan and tilt servo camera assembly.

Tilt Detection : Accelerometer Based Gesture Recognisation For Wheel Chair Direction Control;

Temperature Sensor : Temperature Controlled Fan; Embedded Based LCD Thermometer; Wireless Temperature Analyzer; Automatic AC Control System For Cars; Respiratory monitoring system with temperature sensor and breath sensor.

Gas Sensors : Passenger alerting system using volatile gas sensors to detect LPG/CNG leakage in an automobile; Gas leakage detection and information system using robot.

Alcohol Sensors : Vehicle safety system with alcohol detector; Vehicle ignition over ride system using breath analyzers for preventing drunken driving.

Multiple Sensors : Handheld Multi Parameter Monitoring; Sensor nodes design and construction for storage house parameters monitoring; Portable Multi parameter loggers for versatile applications; Ambient conditions logger for cargo containers for international commerce transparency; Versatile sensor nodes for use in WSN for burst mode or continuous data acquisition.



Servo Motors : Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation; Patient status observation system using pan and tilt video surveillance camera; RF controlled servo pan and tilt head for remote video surveillance using unmanned reconnaissance vehicles.



GSM : SMS Based Electronics Notice Board; SMS Based Patient Monitoring System; Short messaging system based voting system using GSM; GSM based smart home systems with bidirectional communication for versatile applications; Announcements broadcast system using database and bulk SMS for institutions and offices; Portable health monitoring unit for patients with GSM alerts; Smart home automation systems with GSM capabilities for remote control and safety system; GSM based remote power quality metering using multi parameter loggers.



Mobile Based Robot; Automatic Car Dashboard; Autonomous Robotic Patrol Vehicles; Robot‐Assisted Healthcare Support for an Aging Society; Building wall maintenance robot based on built‐in guide rail; Search and Rescue Robots for The Civil Protection Teams of the Future; Human motion based search and rescue robot in natural calamities; Live Human Detecting Robot For Earthquake Rescue Operation; Autonomous landmine mapping robot prototype with remote database logger for defense application; Automatic driving system by small electric vehicle for elderly person.